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I’ve been using an old shareware app to look through photos on my computer and I wanted something a little newer.. didn’t find anything I really liked so I started my own. It’s still pretty basic, but here’s a link to an MSI installer:

Download: PictureViewerSetup-

Some things of note:

  • It’s pretty lightweight; the executable is 52k.
  • It loads any image format supported by the framework. This includes PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, and maybe others.
  • It defaults to scaling the image to fit into a preview - hit enter and it gives you a full-screen view.
  • Hit DEL anytime to delete the image you’re looking at. (This was the feature that motivated me to write the app - going through a collection of images taken on my digital camera and deleting all the ones I don’t like is easier when you can do it with a single keystroke).
  • Space bar will take you to the next image when in full screen; Enter will get you out of full screen.
  • Backspace goes up a directory.

It's just a simple lightweight picture viewing app; hope you like it.

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