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I'm one of those people that's always curious about who's using my site.  I've satisfied this curiosity in a number of ways over the years.  My original ISAPI filter would simply cause the computer "beep" whenever someone hit the webpage.  That got annoying once people started actually using the site.

On another server, I have an ISAPI filter that logs to a database.  Another project was my server-status project, which sort of emulates something Apache has, letting you see who's used the site recently.  This data is stored in memory, so it's a snapshot of server usage since it came up.  I released that code in 1999, but it still works.

However, more traditional statistics are stored in a log file. Typically on Windows this is:


So I wrote a very simple ASP.NET page that lets you look at the log files in this directory.  It's not a real log analyzer, in that it won't give you detailed breakdowns by domain or anything like that, but if you just want a way to remotely see who's using your site and what they're doing, this works pretty well.

The updated version (released October 20th, 2003) adds support for multiple hosts on the same server, and adds a table at the bottom that lists all the Referer entries with a count of the number of hits you received from that referer.

Download the .zip file here:

I included the compiled DLL so you can just drop this into a directory, edit the web.config file to point to where your log files are, and, well, it should just work.  :)   Any problems, please let me know.


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