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I've been taking pictures with my new digital camera for the last few weeks, and being 5 megapixel, the images are huge. A 1 gig memory card and a fast camera means I can generate a huge amount of photo data pretty quickly.

So after a few weeks of this, I need to move some of it off my computer. What I wanted to do was take all of the very large pictures and move them offline, but keep a good screen resolution version on the PC so I can show them to people when I want to.

I couldn't find a tool to do this, so I wrote one. It's not completely implemented but what's there works (and what's not implemented lets you know).

When you run it, it lets you enter where your photos are and where you want the photos to be archived to go. Then when you tell it to start, it makes a copy of every image into the archive folder, and then resamples the original image down to about 1.2 megapixel. This reduces the photos I've been taking from about 3 meg to about 300k.

The requisite screenshot:

Download it here:


Any comments, requests, etc., please post 'em. I've released this app as freeware.

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