VoIP to VoIP

I'm using VoIP at home through Vonage, and while there was a time that I was having bad luck with it, since I switched ISP's, I haven't had a single call whose quality I haven't been happy with.

Something occurred to me a couple of days ago - at work, we use Cisco VOIP phones.  This means when I call home, I'm talking VoIP to VoIP.  And the calls sound great.

I'm still not ready to fully commit to Vonage at home; I recently switched my Bell line to to Roger's "Home Phone" service, based on PacketCable.  No problems with that so far.

At home I'm using a Uniden two-line cordless phone, which is perfect for fence-sitters like me - I can use my Rogers line or my Vonage line from any phone, with only one base (all the handsets communicate wirelessly with that base).