Time for a New Look.

I want to do a visual refresh of my blog. It's too monochrome, and just not interesting looking.

Problem is, even though I work for Adobe and have access to the best tools on the planet, I'm just not a very good visual designer.

But I'm going to try.

I want to keep the same basic layout - links and stuff on the right, content in the middle. One thing that I'm undecided on is the whole fixed width vs dynamic width issue. I like the fact that today, if I post a wide code snippet or image, you can just make the browser window wider and the whole thing resizes; but I also like the more predicable look of a fixed-width content column, which is what so many templates use.

So I think for my first attempt, I'll try keeping the articles dynamic, the blog posts static, and post anything that needs the width as an article.

There are a lot of great themes in the WordPress Theme Viewer, any of them catch your eye?