DreamHost Upgrades

I don't regret switching to DreamHost for a minute.  Not only have I had reliable service since switching, but they have this policy of automatically upgrading your storage and transfer every month by a small amount.

This month, they gave us a bit of a bonus.

Ten Times the disk space.  As a free upgrade, my storage space has been increased to nearly 200 gigabytes, and I get 2.2 terabytes of transfer per month.

200 gig is enough that I'm thinking of scripting some automatic backups of stuff on my desktop PC.  Online backup services are far more expensive than the straight storage DreamHost is offering.

I don't know how they can offer that and make any money - I guess most people are only using a fraction of it, so it's more marketing than feature - but it's very cool to know I have that much space and bandwidth available.

All for around $10/month.

I posted a DreamHost promo code previously; if you're going to sign up, use promo code 'stevex' or this link and you'll save some $$.