Hello from Mac OS X (Tiger)

I preorderd Tiger and it was delivered on Friday. I've been playing with it last night and today, and so far it's been great. I haven't had any problems with it until I came to my blog to post this message, and Safari exploded when I typed the 'H' in Hello in the post title text box.

I have no idea why; for some reason typing into that textbox crashes Safari every time. I reported it to Apple, so hopefully they'll be on it. I have actually seen a couple of other anomalies - importing my Yahoo address book into Address Book doesn't work. You press the OK button to do the import, and nothing happens - it's like they forgot to implement it. The dialog simply stays open and nothing happens (even after repeatedly pressing OK).

But generally, everything works as expected.

There's a great review at http://www.arstechnica.com, so if you're interested in the guts of Tiger and haven't read it yet, go have a look. It's disappointing to hear that Quartz 2D Extreme is actually disabled in this build; hopefully we'll see that enabled soon, since that's a major part of Tiger.

Tiger represents a pretty major shift in the graphics architecture of the Mac OS, and yet, almost nothing is visibly different. It feels more like this OS release is infrastructure for the next one, but with Dashboard and Spotlight thrown in to make it marketable.

Hopefully Apple makes use of some of this technology before the next $$ upgrade.