Ordering from the Apple Store

I've preordered software before, and every time, I've been disappointed.

Usually whenI preorder something it's because I really want it right when it comes out. Usually this has been games. Way before the game is done, every online retailer wants you to preorder the game from them. I did this with The Sims 2, Ultima Online, EverQuest 2, and a few others.

Every time, the game has been available in stores locally the same day (so there was no point paying extra (after shipping) for the preorder), or I've actually had to wait longer to get my shipped copy.

This is a horrible way to reward the enthusiasts, the people who were interested enough in your product to preorder it.

Apple, on the other hand, guaranteed delivery of Tiger on April 29th, with free shipping.

Not only that, but they prohibited retail stores from selling it until 6pm on April 29th.

Way to go Apple. I'm impressed.