Tablet Opportunities

While driving home from a camping trip on the weekend, I was listening to John Siracusa's Hypercritical podcast, where he was talking about the iPad mini.

I usually only listen to the tech podcasts in the car when everyone else is asleep on a long drive, but my wife was listening, and surprised me by saying she wants an iPad Mini.

I asked if she'd be willing to trade in her current iPad for it, and her answer was a no-hesitation "Yes".

Personally I like my 9.7" iPad, but as the Galaxy Note and Kindle Fire have demonstrated, not everyone wants a big tablet. The Apple community has been somewhat dismissive of these alternative sizes, but I think Apple has been paying attention to the market, and will have a big hit on its hands with an iPad Mini.

I'm happy to see this, because I've been betting on tablet apps. My two paid apps, Resume Designer and MealPlan, came out on the iPad first, and MealPlan is still iPad-exclusive.

There are still quite a few app categories where there are great apps on the iPhone, but not nearly as many iPad apps. There is still a lot of opportunity to capitalize on the rise of tablet computing.