Ad Value

One of the things that makes Google Ads so, well, not good, but at least tolerable, is that the ads are usually relevant to the page you're looking at.

A style of ads that has been popping up on many sites (literally) are the ads that appear when you hover over what looks like a link (often double-underlined).

For example:

See the word "video"? Hover over it and you get an ad:

... an ad for home insurance??

I'm reading a page about digital cameras. I'm hovering over a link whose text is "zoom". And the pop-up is an ad for home insurance.

And they really think I need home insurance, I guess, because it shows up when I hover over "DVD Players":


Or even "control panel":


There is zero value for me in this ad. It's not going to make me buy RBC home insurance; it actually does damage to RBC's brand in my mind. All it does is make me try to avoid accidentally hovering over any text on the page in case one of these dumb ads pops up.