Chore Tracker

This isn't a big app but it's an app I've been meaning to build for a long time, and the barrier to entry - having to write a login system - made me keep putting it off. But now that I've got FlexAccount, I was able to go from File New to a deployed app in just a few hours.

Chore Tracker isn't a fancy app (and there's lots of room for UI improvement) but the gist of it is that you enter household chores that you'd like to happen at some regular interval, like vacuuming the stairs or changing the furnace filter, and it keeps track of them for you, giving you a sorted list of chores that are due with a "Done" button that you can press when you've completed a chore.

This app is really my proof of concept for FlexAccount. It let me go from nothing to a working cloud based rich client application in no time. I leveraged the account management, login, password changing, and forgotten password mechanism of FlexAccount and just spent time working on the stuff that was unique to this application.

I did discover one flaw in FlexAccount building this and I'll post an update for that. There's no setter for the User's userData field, which is where you can store whatever data you want to easily associate with a user - which in the case of Chore Tracker is the list of chores. The data is managed properly once it's set, so if you want to use FlexAccount in the meantime, add this line:

public function set userData(value:XML):void
vo.userData = value;

To the org.stevex.flexaccount.model.User class.