Ottawa Events Ad Tweaking

I added ads to some of the posts on the Ottawa Events site RSS feed. It looks like there are almost 300 subscribers to that feed, and it'll be interesting to see if I lose any to the ads. They're fairly small and unobtrusive (and because the content is so focused, seem more relevant than the ads on the site) but I'm sure there are folks who object to the idea of any ads in RSS feeds.

But at least the site feed is still the full content, so I'm not forcing users to visit the site to see the content, like many feeds do. And those feeds I typically unsubscribe from.

I'm very impressed with how well the site is doing. Just this weekend there are 14 events listed, and I didn't enter any of them - people around Ottawa have been adding events they find interesting, and occasionally commenting with updates when details on the events change. I'd like to add a way for folks to vote up events they like, so that I can trim down the main page - right now it actually suffers from having too many events.

I also removed the big image ad from the event details page, replacing it with a smaller banner ad. I really don't want the site to become overrun with ads, so I hope people see this as a reasonable tradeoff. Let me know what you think.