Popcorn Nirvana

About a month and a half ago I mentioned that my old cheapie popcorn maker broke, and that I ordered a replacement. It arrived a few days ago.

Popcorn MakerI also ordered some Wisconsin White Birch popping corn, since I discovered while checking Amazon reviews of popcorn makers that the popcorn you use makes a difference.

This is good stuff.

The popcorn maker works well. No wasted popcorn, no mess. And the popcorn itself is very good - strangely white, but light with a good texture, and noticeably different from the usual popcorn that I get at the grocery store.


This makes me wonder how much variety there really is in different types of popcorn? I'm tempted to order this sampler.

It's also interesting that for $15 you can get a popcorn maker that looks like the one pictured above, but sucks, and for another $15 you can get one that works remarkably well. And guess which one tends to be in stores.