What happened to Size 13?

I wear size 13 shoes, and I can't find ones that fit. For my life up till now, buying shoes was relatively easy. Walk into a store, see what they had in size 13, and then pick which of those I dislike least. But now that technique no longer works.

I've been to at least 10 stores in the last two months and probably tried on 100 pairs of shoes, and they're all small.

"Your feet got bigger" you're thinking, and I was starting to wonder about that too, but yesterday I compared my sandals, which are actually a little big on me, and the ones in the stores, and the ones in the stores are smaller. Somehow, size 13 shrank.

It's not like shoe sizes are some arbitrary number. The formula, in North America and Canada, according to Wikipedia, is:

male shoe size = 3 * last length in inches − 24

I measured my foot. 11.5 inches. According to this chart I should be size 12.5, and yet here I am wondering where to find Size 14 shoes.