iPod Touch Crash Data

Apple apparently takes crash data seriously. Not only does the Mac offer to send crash data to Apple when bad things happen, but so does the iPod Touch (and, I assume, iPhone).

Last time I plugged my iPod Touch into my Mac, iTunes popped up this dialog:


Clicking "Show Details" brings up the Console app and shows me that the mediaserver process crashed:

Incident Identifier: 364AAD02-2AC2-4611-9427-0BD08AEFD7CE
CrashReporter Key:   bf96ba01b16e3d353c0403e378daea6aaac04d09
OS Version:          OS X 1.1.4 (4A102)
Date:                2008-07-08 21:40:13 -0400

15265792 bytes free
31113216 bytes wired
Memory status: 20
About to jettison: mediaserverd

   1   148K   276K   256K launchd
  13   376K   224K   600K CommCenter
  15  12.3M  11.2M  8.32M SpringBoard
  16   584K   352K   832K configd
  17   212K   224K   384K crashreporterd
  18   716K   516K  1.28M iapd
  19   292K   392K   600K mDNSResponder
  20   444K   628K   756K lockdownd
  21   188K   284K   276K syslogd
  22  84.0K   228K   124K update
  23   272K   224K   488K ptpd
  24  9.33M   972K  10.1M mediaserverd
  26   204K   256K   276K notifyd
 106  7.12M  7.92M  11.9M MobileMail
 269  2.21M  5.96M  3.26M MobileMusicPlaye
 291  10.1M  9.15M  8.43M Maps
 292   304K   284K   824K crashdump


Windows of course offers to end crash data to Microsoft as well (had has a great web interface for developers to use to pick up crash data in their own applications, something that I don't believe Apple does), but Windows Mobile doesn't do this, and I think it shows how seriously Apple takes the reliability of their mobile OS.

(Thanks to macosxhints.com for this tip on how to capture a Mac window without the shadow).