Vista is Buggy

I've never really shared the opinion that a released version of Windows was "buggy" in the past.  Maybe not everything was perfect - but stuff generally worked, and if it didn't, often it was because of a non-obvious design or something else that you could explain away.

But with Vista, I've been finding things that are just obviously *broken*. 

Two examples:

Right now, I have the Resource Monitor open, and it's not showing me any data.  Nothing.  The windows that would be showing me the disk, cpu, network and memory activity are all there, but they've got no data.  I don't know why, but obviously something's wrong.

Another example is how Vista handles network shares.  If I have a folder structure like this:


And I share c:\folder\subfolder, and then I delete c:\folder\subfolder, the share still exists - and there is no way to remove it.  The share doesn't work - it gives an error if you try to connect - but there's no actual folder there, so you can't go to it and remove the share. 

And, to make this one worse, if I go to the Network and Sharing Center and select "Show me all the files and folders I am sharing", none of my shares show up.

I've also had instances where searching for things didn't find them, when I know they are there.  This may still be user error - I'm not sure - but it's not instilling in me a lot of confidence in the built-in search.