Phishing for Phools

I got this message three times in the last few days.  I can’t tell if it’s a real phishing attack, or a joke.  What do you think?

Dear Sir,
From your Ip Adress was found at ouer server was made inegality from your computer.
Please send as your Ip and User Acounts.

Example : Ip Adress -- (
User Acounts -- (Administrator,Quest....).
Password -- (Your password....).

After you sent this dates ouer operators will acces your computer to fiind out what was the reason was make the inegality.
After you sent the dates in time at 2 weeks since we recived your dates will no`t access your computer.
After we remake this problem you will change your pasword (at list 8 characters).

Your dates please send at ouer institut or in ouer email adress is :

In caz you will no`t send the dates ouer team from intervention will came at your home and will you take your computer for probes and it is the risk to be panegement whit jail.
Please don`t make more dificult this situation.

Thank you for understanding.

Or maybe it's real and I'll find their team from intervention at my home taking my computer for probes..