Blog Spam: I don’t get it.

Most of the spam I've been getting lately (about 20 or 30 spams a day) is of a sort that I just don't get. It seems someone has written a spam engine that knows how to post WordPress comments, and these comments take this form:

{0} {1} {2}

Where {0} is aa random complimentary phrase, {1} is a randomly generated meaningless sentence, and {2} is a list of links to mainstream sites.

There doesn't appear to be any spam in the message; the links are to sites like CNN or Miramax that certainly wouldn't advertise themselves this way. The posts come from random IP addresses, indicating it's probably someone controlling a zombie network sending these. But who, and why?

Here's another post that's looked into this.

Google shows 47,900 hits for one of the comment spam phrases. Ouch!