Backup Woes Continued

After trying Nero BackItUp and Handy Backup, now I’m trying Genie Backup Manager Home Edition 6.0.  So far it looks like it has the features I need – it can resume a backup on media failure (which Nero can’t) and it can it can verify the media (which Handy Backup doesn’t do), but I’m having strange problems getting a good backup.

The first problem is that sometimes it won’t eject the disc.  4 discs into a 10 disc backup, it tells me to insert the next disc but I can’t open the drive door.  I don’t know what had it locked; I rebooted and it worked the next time.  This happened on two different drives, so I’m not sure I can blame it on the hardware.

The current problem is that while verifying the media, I get an error, ‘Error reported from drive SC/SQ=00/00’.  I assume that since this error comes up during the verification phase, that there’s a disc error and my backup disc is no good.  It didn’t finish verification, anyway, so I can’t know the disc is good.

Genie-Soft has a knowledge base entry that mentions this error.  Here’s their solution:

Un-check the verify feature from the dialog box when burning to CD/DVD (the one that has sonic logo) the problem will disappear

No way am I going to turn off verify just to make the problem of verification failing go away! 

So now I’m not sure what to do.  I’m trying again with the disc write speed set to 4x instead of 8x, even though both the drive and the discs are rated at 8x; we’ll see how that goes.