PDC Day One

Uh oh.. so I'm up at 5am because it's 8am at home and I can't sleep, so I figured I'd go over what sessions to attend today.

Unfortunately the session list requires me to log in, and their Passport integration seems to be broken:

"The Microsoft Passport Network is unavailable from this site".

Hope this gets fixed quickly.

Today starts with breakfast, and then Bill Gates' keynote. Then we get to pick up our bags with info and software to play with. After that, there are four timeslots where I have to choose between about 8 different simultaneous sessions per timeslot. I did all this before I left using Microsoft's online site, which I now can't log into.

Microsoft is doing an incredible job otherwise, though. It feels like LA is Vista City. I saw at least one city bus painted completely with the Vista logo, and the convention center is Vista Ground Zero. There's a PDC banner about 6 stories high hanging on it that you can see from all over, and inside, you'd never know this was a four day event. It feels like the Vista Convention Center. I'll take some pictures today so you can see what I'm talking about.