Switching blog engines

I'm not doing it yet but I'm at least thinking about it.

I'm using Community Server now, and really it's just more than I need, and I find it's configuration to be somewhat obtuse.

Community Server doesn't have the MetaWeblogAPI installed by default,
and when I tried to upgrade to 1.1 of Community Server, I ran into
problems.  I know what the problems were, now, and I know how to
fix them, but I've come to the realization that I should finally follow
one of my own rules and use the best tool for the job.  Community
Server isn't the best blogging tool out there.

I'm not sure what is.  I like WordPress for its simplicity, so I
might try that, but that means setting up PHP and MySQL, something I've
never done on a Windows box.

And then there's the problem of moving all my content over, and then
the problem of trying to keep all the old links working.  Sigh.