Google, MSN Search

Google now has sponsored links that show up at the top of the search results list, the way most other search engines do.

As a result, on my computer (meaning, my screen size and browser and
font settings and all that), doing a search on Google results in me
being able to see the same number of search results as doing the same
search on MSN (7).

Google's layout looks cleaner, to the point that it's quite surprising
that you see the same number of results on both, but space-wise, the
results start at almost exactly the same place as the MSN Search

Of course search result quality is another thing.  The search I
did, "cd burning", gave me Nero as the top result on Google, while Nero
wasn't even on the first page in the MSN Search results. In my opinion,
Nero should be #1, so Google got it right.