MSN Desktop Search Toolbar, Now with Tabs

They've added tabbed browsing support to the MSN Desktop Search toolbar.

I wonder if the MSN guys are the same guys working on the browser, or if the MSN guys wish IE would evolve and are taking the matters into their own hands..  It seems like a lot of the stuff IE needs is being added by the MSN Toolbar.

Upgrading the toolbar is a comedy of errors.. Asking the existing toolbar to check for updates says there are no updates.  But going to shows there's an update available.  Tried to install it, and it said it couldn't upgrade my existing version, and that I had to uninstall the old one first before installing the new one.

After uninstalling the current one, I have to reboot.

This is brand new software; it's ridiculous that something as simple as upgrading my search toolbar requires uninstalling an application, and a reboot. 

I'll let you know what I think of it after the next time I reboot...