After the reboot: Desktop Search Tabs

Well, I was forced to reboot - when I closed one of the msiexec Setup processes, it just started rebooting.  No questions asked.  Thanks.

Anyway, I must say that the MSN Desktop Search implementation of tabs is the most botched implementation of them I've ever seen.  Some highlights:

  • Switching tabs causes the whole browser window to flash.  The title bar, address bar, menus, everything blinks when switching tabs.  It's pretty ugly.
  • Can't close a tab with the middle button, something every other implementation lets you do.
  • Ctrl-W, which closes a tab in every other implementation, closes the whole browser window (all tabs) without asking if that's what you want.  Firefox defaults to asking you if you're sure you want to close all the windows.
  • Ctrl-Tab switches tabs.  But don't hold it down, or you'll lock up the browser.
  • When you visit a site by typing a URL into an Explorer window's address bar, you don't get tabs.  Alt-Clicking, which normally opens in a tab, just ignores the Alt and takes you to the site normally.
  • There's no way to say 'right-click on a link to open a tab' or change the key you use.

Sorry guys, but this is the least usable implementation of this feature I can imagine.  What's the point?