.Text to Community Server Migration

That was much easier than I expected.  It's so rare that I get to say that about anything in this business.

I installed Community Server on my server, ran it's (web-based) installer, and I had a working Community Server installation.

Then I ran Kevin Harder's DotText-To-CS-Converter, which

converted all the data.  I had to manually add an IsActive column to the .Text database since apparently I was missing one (not sure how that happened) but once I had done that, the conversion completed successfully (if slowly; it took nearly 24 hours).

Then to redirect links to my old blog to the new one, I used a redirection feature of IIS that I didn't know existed until I ran across this Knowledge Base article:

HOW TO: Redirect URLs to Different Web Sites

In the properties for my dottext folder in the IIS administrator, I set it so the content would come from a redirection to a URL, and entered this URL:


The $0 is replaced with the rest of the source beyond the dottext folder. 

With this done, old links to content within my .Text site still work and point to the new site. 

So far I like Community Server.  It's got more stuff than I need, but it's nice to be able to use a rich text editor in Firefox - that was my main reason for wanting to upgrade.  The direct link to edit a post is nice, compared to .Text's requirement that you log into the admin console to edit a post.