PS3 vs XBox 360

This Slashdot post is the best point by point comparison of these two I've seen.

hardware comparison leans very strongly in favour of the PS3. 
Pretty amazing considering how impressive both boxes are, but the
killer features for me are not the raw performance, but the

  • PS3 has Blu-Ray
  • PS3 has Bluetooth
  • PS3 has WiFi built-in

XBox 360 comes with an HD where it's an option for the PS3, but I doubt
there'd be any way to get Bluetooth into the 360.  Being able to
use a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse to surf the 'Net on my HDTV would be
very useful, and transferring camera images to a network folder through
the PS3 in the living room would be great too.

Really, though, it comes down to software.  Not just games, but the home media hub software.

thing here is that Microsoft has said they don't want the 360 to
replace their Media Center PC.  This could mean they're going to
do stupid things like intentionally exclude useful features simply to
avoid cutting into sales of their other products.  Sony could have
an advantage here, even though Sony will have more work to do to get
their software to be as good as what Microsoft has here.

will Sony use for SMB network access?  Being able to play
music/movies from a Windows PC on a network is a killer feature; I
can't see Sony implementing that from scratch, but bundling Samba and
maybe making their media hub software run on top of Linux would be a
way to do it.  They released a Linux distro for the PS2, so who