Toshiba HDTV

So I have a Toshiba HDTV, and generally I'm pretty happy with it, but I must say most programming is somewhat disappointing.

Most stations don't broadcast HDTV content most of the time - it's not uncommon to be watching a show on an HDTV station that's basically a good quality standard definition show, with HD ads.

There are so many things that could be better.

  • There's no way to buy an HDTV movie (yet).
  • You have to choose between 720p and 1080i. There are no sets that do both. I don't understand why not; we figured out how to make monitors that sync to multiple frequencies a dozen years ago.
  • Even though your HD set can display a digital picture, you generally can't hook your computer up to it. You have to make your computer output an HDTV compatible signal (some ATI cards can do this).
  • None of the satellite providers in Canada (StarChoice, ExpressVu) offer an HDTV PVR. Rogers, our cable provider, does, so I'm with Rogers for the moment.
  • There's no way to capture an HD analog (component) signal. You can plug composite into your TiVo, but currently there's no way to use a TiVo with HDTV here (that I know of). I can plug my XBox video output into a VCR and record it; I can't do that with it's HD signal.

HDTV isn't new. It's disappointing that your options are so limited with HDTV.