Long Tail site updates

I made a few changes to the Long Tail site.

When I receive a ping, I now only add the latest entry in the feed, rather than all the items. This means when it discovers a new feed, it's only going to put in one item, instead of all of them.

Putting in all of them wouldn't be so bad except that many feeds don't include an accurate pubDate (the date the item was published), so I have to make up a date.. which there's no way for me to do accurately.

Dates are a problem in RSS feeds.

It seems like there are 3 or 4 different date formats in use, so I've tried to make my code robust enough to deal with whatever I find.. it wasn't working that well before, which meant I was getting the wrong date for some items. I may still be off on some formats when it comes to time zones, but overall the link you get when you hit the 'Next' button is much more likely to really be a recent one now.