Toys I didn’t know I had

It's cool when you discover some capability in something you already have that you didn't know you had.. Although I'm still not entirely sure I have it.. I have a Nokia 8390 phone, and I have an iPaq H3630 PocketPC.

This story just took a grim twist.  I was about to say that all I needed to do was install the Pocket PC 2002 update on my iPaq and then I could use it and my cell phone to get on the Internet - but when I ran the software to update the ROM on the iPaq, it exited with a strange error (about how it couldn't find the comm port) and left the iPaq in an unusable state.

My H3630 won't boot up now - switching it off and on (via the hard switch on the bottom) doesn't do anything.  I guess it started updating the ROM and then failed somehow.  Doh.