Home networks and security

I think most technologically literate folks have more than one computer at home.  I have a number of friends with two or three, and it's pretty common to have a home network that's got broadband, and a broadband router of some sort acting as a firewall to protect your home network from the evils of the Internet.

The one thing that's way too easy to ignore, however, is the VPN connection to your company.  If you work at home, or if you ever establish a VPN connection from your PC to your company, then your computer is vulnerable to the ?internet? known as your company's corporate network.

Now, your company's network should be safe.. but it's really not that uncommon these days for viruses or worms to get loose inside companies.  This is because so many of the current crop of malware depends on users doing dumb things like running programs sent to them in email mesages.

You're working at home, you're on the VPN, and someone at work runs an email attachment that starts going through IP addresses.. if it finds yours, and you're not patched or have services on your computer that are exposed because you think you're ?safe? because you have a firewall between you and the Internet.. well, then you're hit.