More RAM Please

Here's my two cents on the new MacBook Pro's, not that anyone is asking.

This tweet sums it up:

"I’m struck by the cultural divide between dismissive Apple defenders and people who buy an expensive mac for real work every four-five years" - @pinboard

The main reason I'm uncomfortable dropping that much money on a new laptop right now is RAM. My current Mac Pro, late 2010, has 20GB RAM, and my current laptop, a 2012, has 16GB.  I use a lot of RAM, because I use big, RAM-hungry tools, and I'm frequently near using all of it.  I just checked and right now I'm using 15.59GB.

When I bought my laptop, four years ago, 16gb was way more than I needed. But usage increases over time. I'm uncomfortable buying a new computer, expecting it to last another 4 years, with the same amount of memory in my current hardware.

I know it's probably Intel's fault, and that's fine.  What matters to me is that these new laptops aren't the computer I want to upgrade to, so I will wait.