WWDC 2014 Wish List

Why not, here’s my WWDC wish list.

  • Some way of sharing files between apps. Not necessarily a file system, but a way of making a file or folder visible to another app.
  • Add file upload support to WebKit. Sometimes users need to create a file in an app, and then upload that file to a website. There’s no way to do this today.
  • Data binding.  Wiring up controls to data models, and doing data validation, is not creative work.
  • Officially bless CocoaPods, or supply something similar.
  • Provide a web API that developers can use to build a web presentation for the data their apps have stored in iCloud.
  • More APIs that use blocks. Why isn’t there a block-based way of using UIAlertView yet?
  • Auto layout is still too hard to use, and especially to debug. I’m not sure what you can do about that, but don’t stop trying.
  • Better LLDB.  Why does “p self.view.frame” print 5 lines of errors instead of just printing the frame rect?

This is boring stuff, in that it doesn’t really open up any new innovative areas the way something like iBeacons or the nearby networking framework does, but it makes the job of building apps easier.  That’s all I want this year.