Withings Scale Gateway for Status Board

My son is a Status Board fan.  I'm not sure why; he just loves adding and arranging panels.  

I recently picked up a Withings WS-50 scale, which has an API that you can use to query weight and other data from the scale.  Data from the scale and a status board to display it on. Seems like the perfect match.

I hacked together a simple gateway that will perform the OAuth authentication and provide a URL that you can use with Status Board to proxy the data from the Withings API to a format that Status Board can display in a simple graph table.  It's very limited - it just shows you the last 10 readings in a simple line graph - but still pretty cool.  You step on the scale, and the updated data shows up on your status board.

If you have Status Board, and a Withings account, then visit this page on your iPad to set it up.