Fall Day Software

It's been 5 months since my employment with Adobe ended. I've been doing some interesting contracting work since then, but also putting some effort into my own independent iPhone and iPad apps.

That's been a lot of fun. I started a company called Fall Day Software (http://www.falldaysoftware.com) and built two apps I'm really proud of, as well as a couple of smaller kid-focused apps that I did for our own kids.

MealPlan was my first app, and it's one I created for myself. I still use it, every week, to plan out our meals, and my own usage drive the features I add to the app. I'm working on an update now that will add automatic grocery list generation, which I think will be a real time saver. Once you fill out the week's meal plan (with the help of the "magic wand" that makes suggestions and fills things in for you), the app will know what groceries you need, and you can toggle "need it" or "have it" for each item.

Eventually I want to have an iPhone version so that with iCloud syncing, you could bring up the meal plan on your phone, but for now the workflow will likely be that you an print it or email a copy to yourself to refer to in the store.

The other app I built, which is now available for both the iPhone and the iPad, is Resume Designer. It was originally called Resume Maker but that name seems to be already in use, so I changed it. I think Resume Designer is turning out quite nicely.

The different usage patterns of users picking up MealPlan and Resume Designer makes for a bit of a quandary. MealPlan users will use the app regularly, and appreciate feature updates. Resume Designer users use the app once, or just a few times, and then forget the app even exists.

I'd like to think that Fall Day Software is building personal productivity tools and will someday build a following of people who appreciate the kind of apps I'm building. Maybe a community of users won't spring up around Resume Designer, but that is a goal I have for my other apps.