An Apple TV

I don't really understand why Apple would get into the TV business.

Apple creates new markets. Moving into an established market like the TV business, with all the content complexity and interconnection requirements, just doesn't seem like something they'd do. It's a highly competitive space with low margins; not Apple's kind of business.

And the idea that the world needs an Apple TV because TVs are too hard to connect seems off the mark. Hooking up a TV isn't difficult; it's hooking up all the other devices - the cable box, the PS3, the Xbox 360 with the Kinect, the Wii and its sensor bar, that make it difficult. Unless Apple is planning to take over the jobs that all the other devices people do with things hooked up to their TVs, they're not going to be making things that much simpler.

An "Apple TV" without some pretty amazing content deals would still require a cable box, and if they could pull off those deals, why tie it to a new TV? Why not just making it available through the Apple TV for everyone?