iTunes Match Canada Rollout

Or not-rollout as the case may be. Last night I read that iTunes Match had been switched on in Canada, so I fired up iTunes and went to my account page, and there was an option to Learn More about iTunes Match. I clicked on that and it let me sign up.

But after that .. nothing. No new UI to let me sync my songs to the cloud.

Either this is was a mistaken rollout and they've switched it off (in which case they've got a lot of refunding to do) or they are having problems with all the extra subscribers and the problem will sort itself out shortly.

I'm thinking it was a mistaken rollout. Why? Because check this out:

It would be so out of character for Apple to ship UI with a typo. I'm guessing this was supposed to be some sort of test release that accidentally got pushed live.

Update: It's really live now, and working for me. Typo and all.