Insteon Power Monitoring Source Release

This is a fairly simple program that was intended to be the start of something bigger.

In it's current form, it's an Insteon PLM (PowerLineModem) protocol client that uses a TCP connection to an Insteon SmartLinc (2412N) device to send commands over the power line / wireless mesh to an Insteon iMeter Solo (2423A1), to retrieve the current power consumption in watts of whatever device is connected to the iMeter. It retrieves the watt usage and displays it in a huge number on the display of whatever is running the app.

It's a Flex Mobile app, and the intention was to build this for Android and iOS as an app that would let you monitor power consumption from anywhere in your house (or beyond, depending on your network configuration).

But, as I discovered once I acquired a few other Insteon devices, my house is not Insteon compatible. Insteon requires specific wiring, with line, load, neutral and ground all available at the switch, and my house isn't wired that way. (Our last house, which was built new, was wired for Insteon because I had that written into the plans).

Since I'm not building out an Insteon network at home, I'm not going to pursue the Insteon software I was building. So I'm releasing the code, as-is, for others to hopefully use as a starting point.

So I've posted the app on GitHub. You can get it here:

Here's a screenshot of what it would look like if you managed to download, build and run it, and you had the required hardware on your network:


The device I have plugged in (my Roomba charger) is currently using 7 watts.