Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

  • Need a new fridge. So much cheaper to drive to the US to get one. vs Almost $1000 difference! #
  • Easter 2011 passed without me eating a single Peep. #
  • Thanks @Hunterdan77 for the kickass nachos! #
  • Wow. #
  • @travelmop Think it's got anything to do with free services vs paid? Might be harder to justify proactive security spend on a free service. in reply to travelmop #
  • @travelmop So is having data in your house. Your best bet, like with investing, is to diversify. in reply to travelmop #
  • @travelmop There's probably a business in providing redundant backups for data stored in the cloud. A backup cloud. in reply to travelmop #
  • Seems like the NDP is the only part that doesn't have a hostile copyright policy. We don't want a DMCA in Canada. #
  • There is no single party that I agree with on all the important issues. Tough decision. #