Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • Tax Time. #
  • Is DSL upstream bandwidth limited by the technology, or by ISPs? #
  • xkcd is a comic version of Jon Stewart. Funny, but damn informative when making a point. On radiation: #
  • For years we've been hearing about how mobile is the next big thing. This time, it really is! #
  • BlackBerry PlayBook available for pre-order now. #
  • @adriancrook Tried ? It's a pretty good web conferencing system. in reply to adriancrook #
  • Trying to figure out Outlook for Mac and how to build a Smart Folder that shows unread items from a bunch of folders. #
  • Can't build it through the Advanced Find UI directly, because it doesn't support OR queries. But there's that "Raw Query" field... #
  • Create a Smart Folder, then look in "~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records/Saved Searches/" #
  • A clue: ((kMDItemKind=="olk14_message")&&((com_microsoft_outlook_folderID==1)||(com_microsoft_outlook_folderID==118))) #
  • I wonder if using the Kinect sensors (head position + cameras) would be sufficient for eye tracking. #
  • tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
    get selected folder
    end tell
    (Paste into AppleScript Editor to find selected folder ID) #
  • @tweetstockca No, the iPad 2 doesn't support Flash. in reply to tweetstockca #
  • Finally have the Smart Folder I want in Outlook 2011. Time for a blog post. #
  • There we go: A few "easy" steps to a Smart Folder with an OR clause in Mac Outlook 2011. #
  • Future Shop store staff say they can get fired if they tell me how many iPad 2's they got in. #yikes #
  • It's Follow Friday, but you're probably already following enough people. So you have my permission not to follow anyone new. #ff #