My Idea for Stopping the Oil Leak

I'm a software engineer so I'm clearly qualified to comment on an oil leak at the bottom of the ocean. So here's my idea.

The problem with trying to cap the well is that the stuff is coming out at such high pressure that you can't just plug it. And as the methane expands it cools and freezes the vacuum lines that you might use to suck the oil out.

So here's my plan.


Build a giant sieve or colander and lower it, upside down, over the leak. The holes should be big enough that the oil and methane can escape without much resistance, so the pressure won't stop the device from being lowered over the leak.

Once it's on and secure, then you start injecting objects that are bigger than the holes in the device. Every object you inject reduces the flow a bit, until nothing can escape.

This sounds like a variation on the "junk shot" but with the addition of something that you know is going to be plugged up with the stuff being injected, where the current plan seems to depend on the objects plugging up the blowout preventer.