Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • Working with Flex charting today. Figured out that to alternate bar colours in a ColumnChart, specify colours in CSS via 'fills'. #
  • It's kind of sad to see Apple's focus moving from Mac to mobile. #
  • But I can see why Apple would be focused on creating a world where all app purchases involve a hefty % going to Apple. #
  • I'm going to pick up an Airport Express today and see if I can bring better wifi to the front of the house. #
  • The last PC I bought, 4 years ago, a Compaq Athlon X2 system, just died. I guess that's within the expected 3-5 year lifespan. #
  • PCs stopped really getting faster years ago. A 4-year-old CPU/mobo with a new video card and an SSD would still be a great PC today. #
  • Airport Express WDS installed and working beautifully. WiFi over the WDS jump is still faster than my DSL connection. #