Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • Now that Flex 4 is out: Here's a good overview of the new Spark component architecture. #
  • I like that instead of a container defining layout (like VBox, HBox) you assign a layout object to any container. #flex4 #
  • Why is the Mac so much slower browsing SMB shares than Windows? It's just a protocol... #
  • Wow - the new Photoshop content-aware fill tool is magic. #
  • It's frustrating when "Downloading Update" comes between me and what I'm trying to accomplish. #
  • The Stratford Festival website has a list of prefixes for your name that includes "Estate of". Nice to see they're not excluding the dead. #
  • Sears Canada prices are almost double Sears US prices on some items I'm looking at. Sheesh. #
  • Flex 4 collapsing panel demo done as a Spark skin. Nicely done. #
  • Learn this one ancient trick, discovered by a mom, to increase code coverage metrics in just 15 minutes a week! #