Piñatas Today

Matthew's 4th birthday party was yesterday, and I think his party went great.

We started a little tradition of using a piñata as part of the festivities a couple of years ago, and discovered that the piñatas they sell at party stores aren't designed to bust open when you're hitting them with a stick. They look like this:

See the strings at the bottom? Here's how it's supposed to go: You let the kids hit the indestructible piñata with a stick a few times (or "hit mickey in the face" as Matthew liked to say), and then you let them take turns pulling the string until one of them picks the string that opens the little candy door and all the candy falls out.

Well, that's lame.

So, the first time we did this with Cookie Monster a few years ago, I pre-weakened the piñata by perforating it with a knife, so that it was easier to break open. We did this again this year and it worked great! Here's what busting open a piñata is supposed to look like: