Chrome for Mac

I like Safari. I like the funky home screen, I like its integration with the rest of the Mac experience. I wasn't planning on using Chrome.

But Safari for me has been unstable. Not hugely unstable - it can go days without crashing or locking up - but it does lock up from time to time.

Meanwhile, I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off, and there's a website with a great guide that I like to keep open. The page is very long, and I have it scrolled to the place I'm currently at in the guide. Every time Safari crashes, I lose my place in the guide.

So, just to keep this guide open, I installed Chrome.

Here are my tweets on the subject:

I have one page open in Safari and it's using 277mb RAM. I'm going to try Chrome just to see if it uses less RAM.

Launch browser, no pages open: Safari using 183mb, Chrome using 66mb (44mb + 22mb).

Page with some Flash ads on it using 2% CPU in Safari, averaging about 30% CPU in Chrome. Score that one for Safari.

Safari seems to load faster than Chrome.

Page scrolling feels much snapper in Safari than Chrome. BTW, I'm using a MacBook Pro 15" 2.4ghz.

Chrome launches in about 1 second, Safari in about 3.

I'm still planning to use Safari for most of my Mac browsing, but Chrome is a pretty strong contender. And it hasn't crashed on me yet.