Flash Builder 4 Keyboard Tips

I just watched a MAX 2009 video on Flash Builder 4 Advanced Tips and Tricks. I'm a keyboard user and this video focuses on how to get the most out of Flex Builder using the keyboard. It's well worth watching, but if you're not going to watch it, here are some that I found especially useful.

Ctrl-3 - Brings up a way to search within the app for commands.
Ctrl-O - Navigate quickly within the current file (type to filter)
Ctrl-Shift-T - Open Type (filter for types using caps - BB for ButtonBar)
Ctrl-Shift-R - same thing but for non-code (resources, xml files, etc)
Ctrl-I - put cursor at right indentation for current line or reindent selection
Ctrl-D - delete current line
Ctrl-M - toggle maximize the editor

Also you can hold down the Ctrl key to turn any symbol in the editor into a hyperlink.

Some of these are Flex shortcuts and some are Flash Builder.

Here's the video: