Live from Brantford

Last week, we moved from Ottawa to Brantford, Ontario.

Technically I guess it's Brant, Ontario since we're just outside the Brantford city limits, and this seems to be confusing about 50% of the companies we call to update our address. I used to think it was cool when a company cross-referenced your postal code with your address to make sure it was right, but now I just find it annoying. Canada Post has our address as in Brantford, but some other database has it in Brant. Canada Post has our address with an "RR2" (Rural Route #2) at the end. Some companies require I say Brant, some Brantford, and some with the RR2 and some without.

That aside, this is a beautiful house with a great view, and (the reason we moved) close proximity to my wife's family.

So what about work? Thankfully Adobe has allowed me to telecommute, and continue to do the same job, working on LiveCycle Designer, remotely. This isn't a new thing for Adobe - two of the people on the Designer team were already remote - and for me it's just an excellent situation.

I plan on posting on some of the challenges of working remotely and how I'm dealing with them. So far there haven't been many - it's been pretty smooth. And thanks to a hardware VPN box and an IP phone (and Connect Pro for attending meetings), other than stopping by my desk and seeing it empty, the rest of Adobe wouldn't know I'm not in the office.

One thing that feels weird, though, is the lack of a technical safety net. I've always been fairly cavalier about, say, running beta OS firmware on my wireless router, but now that all this home gear has become "mission critical" and I don't have Chuck in the next cube to beg an OS reinstall disc from, I might have to become more careful. We'll see how long that lasts.