MacBook Pro 2.66 Update

I gave up my on 2.66ghz 15.4" Summer 2009 MacBook Pro, and am sending it back for a refund.

How I'm getting a refund is a little strange. My Mac is a custom built item, because I opted for a 500gb hard drive. Normally you can't return a custom built-to-order product for a refund, but apparently you can if you have a service case open.

Apple has great support. One aspect of their great support is that you can visit their website and basically start a service call before calling them, by entering your Apple ID and some basic information about the problem. What do you get when you do this? A Case ID. What do you need to return a custom order for a refund? A Case ID. Seems like a bit of a loophole, but that's how I'm getting a refund.

I'd be getting a refund anyway, because on top of all the other problems I have with this Mac, it's developed a hardware failure. Twice in the week I've had it, it's developed some sort of problem that's caused the screen to go crazy and the laptop to lock up. Both times I've had to do a hard shutdown (by holding down the power button) and then when trying to turn it back on, it would give me one long beep and refuse to boot. One long beep apparently indicates no ram installed. It's a RAM problem, or a system board problem. Either way, it's going for a ride in a brown truck.

I've opted for a refurbished MacBook Pro 2.4ghz replacement. The refurb is significantly discounted, comes with a regular warranty and is eligible for AppleCare. Overall I think I'll be happier with it than with this one, and it's cheap enough that I can buy the bigger hard drive and still have quite a bit left over.

I will miss the better keyboard and longer battery life of the newer model.