iPhone Tethering and Rogers

it's odd to be posting a pleasant surprise concerning Rogers and the iPhone but here it is: Rogers was one of the carriers listed as supporting iPhone tethering with iPhone OS 3.0. Makes me glad I held onto my 6gb $30 "limited time" data plan.

Rogers even has text on their website that explicitly allows tethering:

Tethering is the use of your phone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet from your computer. For a limited time, if you subscribe to a data option which includes at least 1GB of data transmission between June 8, 2009 and December 31, 2009, you may use tethering as part of the volume of data included in your option at no additional charge. Tethering cannot be used with data options of less than 1GB.

Now the question is when will Rogers send out a carrier profile that allows the phone to enable the tethering option.