Facebook Petitions

There's a constant rumour on Facebook that the site is going to start charging users to use the site. And every time this rumour pops up, there are a bunch of groups started with names like "If Facebook becomes a paysite - I'm gone!". This group currently has 425,868 members.

That's 425,868 people who don't get the absurdity of what they're saying.

Facebook wouldn't start charging unless they needed to, because they're not stupid. They know they'd lose a lot of users. So if they start charging, it's because they have to. It costs them money to provide the service they're providing. You can choose not to pay for it, and that's fine; that's your choice.

But a petition?

Let's try some word substitution.

"If my cable company starts to charge - I'm gone!"

"If I have to pay for electricity - I'm gone!"

"If this restaurant wants to charge me for my meal - I'm gone!"

Seems a little absurd doesn't it?