OCTranspo Strike

So our local transit company, OC Transpo, is on strike. We also had something like 19 centimeters of snow last night with a lovely freezing rain glaze, so getting around today is a nightmare.

I gather one of the main reasons for the strike is a proposed change to the booking system that drivers use. They currently get to book their own schedules, and this introduces some inefficiency, to the tune of about 100 drivers worth of wasted time every year. Or so the auditor general has said.

It's a tough call whether to agree with the drivers or the city on this one. Someone I know works for an organization whose status quo is what the city is proposing, and they've formed a union whose goal it is to change to something like what the city is trying to remove in Ottawa. I'll admit I don't really understand why block booking is so much more efficient than letting employees book their own time, but I know asking workers to work split shifts, or alternating them between working a night shift and a day shift seemingly randomly makes life a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

I wouldn't expect this to get resolved quickly. Looks like there are some decent carpooling resources filling in some of the gap.